Dirt Traps RSL of stainless steel

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with round inlet and rectangular outlet

enables a consistent discharge of rejects for sticky, thin or thick consistency media and its unique geometrical design reduces turbulence and maximises protection against wear

The combining of the dirt trap body with the CDSV and AEQ valves guarantees a very effective discharge action of abrasive materials.

Wear resistant surface treatment of the valves and the relevant internals of the dirt trap
different sizes (volumes) allow a optimal relation to the size of plant.

Areas of application

discharge of rejects, thick stock cleaning

Nominal diameters:
inlet: DN 50 – 250 (6 – 10“)
outlet: DN 150 – 350 (6 – 14“)

Material: stainless steel 1.4541

Flanges: DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B 16.5 class 150

Nominal diameters: 



inlet: DN 50 – 250 (6 – 10“)
outlet DN 150 – 350 (6 – 14“)

stainless steel 1.4541

DIN EN 1092-1, ANSI B 16.5 class 150


Paper and waste technology

The LOHSE dirt traps RSL have been specially designed for the removal of foreign particles from the cleaning process. They are used to remove reject particles from fibrous media of various viscosity. They can be used in all types of cleaning machines, tanks and pipelines.


The installation of LOHSE COMPACT-valves made of acid-resistant stainless steel in sewage treatment plants eliminates the need for complex insulation against contact corrosion.