Spiral Conveyors

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Spiral conveyors are suitable for transporting various materials. The shaftless design allows dry and wet, coarse and fine-particle, homogenous and inhomogeneous materials to be conveyed.

Individual application of spiral conveyors for transport is feasible in some industries. A spiral conveyor must therefore designed for ist application.



  • U-shaped stainless steel tub including stiffeners for high rigidity
  • screwed cover over U-shaped tub
  • shaftless S355 stainless steel conveyor spirals
  • wear resistant, stainless steel strip or plastic panel coating of U-shaped tub
  • conveyor spirals supported on one side
  • commercial flanged geared motor with hollow shaft
  • optional sealing of drive shaft by stuffing box packing
  • optional drainage area
  • optional receiver tank for separation of sediments.

Standard sizes

Type inside width vat [mm] Ø spiral[mm]
U 200 200 mm 160 mm
U 320 320 mm 280 mm
U 420 420 mm 380 mm
U 500 500 mm 460 mm
U 600 600 mm 530 mm

Other sizes on request.