Eldon – ITQ 008

• ON/OFF automation of small ball valve, plug valves and dampers

• Self locking combination of spur and worm gears

• Special designed induction motor that produces high starting torques and thermally protected from overheating

• External mechanical stopper bolts

• Manual operation by wrench directly to the gear box

• Compact and light weight

• Standard supply voltage 1 phase 230V, optional voltage available


IP67, O-ring sealed

Main power supply

220 VAC / 1 phase / 50/60 Hz

Duty cycle ON/OFF

S2: 40%


Induction motor

Duty cycle modulating

S4: 50%, 1200 starts/hour

Limit switches

4 pcs. for open/close

Space heater

3 W


ISO F05/F07, 17×17 mm square female shaft

Travel angle

90° ± 10° by adjustable mechanical stopper

Cable entries

2 ‒ M20 x 1,5

External coating

Anodized and dry powder polyester

Ambient temperature

-20°C ‒ +70°C

Ambient humidity

90% RH max.


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