Eldon – ITQ 010-300

Self locking – Provided by double worm gearing to keep position of valve unchanged against reverse torque from valve.

Motor – Specially designed induction motor to generate high starting torque and high efficiency equipped with thermal protector to prevent damage from over heating.

Torque switches – Protects actuator from damage caused by overload from the driven valve over the whole travel. 1 for each open/close.

Manual override – Auto / Manual switchable lever and hand wheel engagement for emergency manual operation. Drive force automatically resorted by motor start, unless lever padlocked to prevent this occuring.

External mechanical stopper – Prevents over run of travel angle when limit switch fails.

Removable drive bushing and ISO5211 mounting base – (F07~F16) for easy mounting on valve.


Weatherproof IP67, NEMA 4X and 6, O-ring sealed

Main power supply

110 / 220 VAC / 1 phase / 50/60 Hz, 380 / 440 VAC / 3 phases / 50/60 Hz ± 10%, 24 VDC

Duty cycle ON/OFF

S2: 10 ‒ 30 min


Induction motor

Duty cycle modulating

S4: 30-50%, 300-1200 start/hour

Limit switches

4 pcs. Adjustable travel switches (SPDT 250VAC/10A rating)

Torque switches

2 pcs. 1 for open and 1 for closing (SPDT 250VAC/10A rating except for ITQ 010)

Stall protection/ set. Temp.

Built in thermal protection, open 150°C ± 5°C, 97°C ± 15°C

Travel angle

90° ± 5° (0° – 100°)

Position indicator

Continious mechanical indicator with arrow

Manual override


Self locking

Provided by double worm gearing (no brake)

Mechanical stopper

1 each for each travel end (open and close), external and adjustable

Space heater

5W (110/220VAC) for anti-condensation

Cable entries

2 ‒ PF x ¾” TAP

Terminal block

Screw and lever push type (spring loaded)

Ambient temperature

Basic actuator: -20°C ‒ +70°C, c/w control options: -10°C ‒ +60°C

Ambient humidity

90% RH max. (non-condensing)

Anti vibration

XYZ 10g. 02-34Hz. 30 minutes


Hard anodized aluminum casting

External coating

Dry powder polyester


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