Gjutjärn PN16 Fläns


The 6301 safety valve is dedicated to protect the equipment from potential overpressure. This is an automatic device that closes when the pressure conditions are back to normal. It is a spring type safety valve with displaced ports and instantaneous exhaust. It has a cast iron construction. It is delivered sealed with a closed cover, a watertight cap and a testing lever. The seat and clack undergo a hardening heat treatment that ensures a high resistance to erosion. This safety valve complies with the PN 16 pressure rating standard. It is certified by the TÜV and VERITAS approvals and can be used on steam, gas and liquids. Setting certificate and information folder, in compliance with the 1998 decree about the safety valves monitoring, are available on request.


Flanged connections PN10/16: DN 20 to 150


Max. allowable pressure (PS) 24 bar

Allowable temperature (TS)

-10 °C / +200 °C
Max. body pressure PN 16


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