PA 205EL. Vridspjäll PN16 – Wafer – Bernard eldon

General Characteristics

Design according with BS EN 593.
Tightness in both ways. Wafer type with smooth ears. Flexible sleeve adapted to the shape of the body assures low operating torque. High and low semi stem giving a high flow coefficient, machined disc on periphery giving a low and regular torque. Unejectable stem, mounting flange according to ISO 5211.


General use : water, sea water, pressurized air, acids, etc.
”Non suitable for steam application”

Body material: Ductile iron GGG50
PN (end): PN10/16-ASA150-JIS10k
Contact sealing: Heat EPDM
Disc material: Stainless steel 316
Connection: Between flanges
Operating system: Bernard electric actuator
Voltage: B04: tri 400v/50hz
b24: mono 230v/50hz


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